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copy of Vanuralite, Mounana, Gabon


Mineral collection

Sample rhodochrosite red brown on a black manganite gangue.

It comes from the exploitation of manganese of Moanda, Léboumbi-Leyou, Province of Upper Ogooué at Gabon.

This specimen 6.6 cm long on 6.5 cm wide and 1.9 cm thickest.

Its weight is 160 grams.


Mineral : Vanuralite
Source: Mounana, Gabon

The mineral of photography is the one you will receive.

The samples are taken in photo under artificial light. We do our best to make the photographs presented closer to reality, but the screens can slightly alter the colors of the specimens. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

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Free delivery from €50 for France, €100 for other countries.

Free delivery from 50 € for France, 100 € for other countries.